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WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Addresses Twitter Death Hoax: 'It Just Bothers Everybody. It's Shocking.'

The Tonight Show host had some thoughts about #RIPJimmyFallon.
  •  Jimmy Fallon wasted no time addressing his Twitter death hoax on The Tonight Show Wednesday.

    The host kicked off the evening with a musical performance confirming he was very much alive, and shortly after, sat down to address trending hashtag #RIPJimmyFallon directly. Fallon revealed that this was the second time he'd been at the center of a death hoax, the first having occurred some 10 years ago. 

    "It wasn't as traumatic the second time," said Fallon. "I was out to dinner with my wife... my phone was just going off and I was like... 'I'm trending on Twitter'. She goes 'oh, cool'. I go, 'no, not. I'm dead. I died.' She's like, 'oh man, that's terrible. I loved you.'" 

    "But it's interesting to see what happens," the host continued. "You know, the first time, 10 years ago, people cared... Lorne [Michaels] texted me, CAA - my agent, Jeff Jacobs, shout out - he called me first, but my parents, my sister. You know, it just bothers everybody. It's shocking. This time everyone was like, 'you're good, right?'"

    Fallon kept things light as he joked about waiting for flowers from Justin Timberlake and assured viewers he didn't plan on dying anytime soon. 

    "I am alive... It was an odd night," Fallon concluded, after bantering with Steve Higgins about how he plans to send a sign from the afterlife on social media. 

    #RIPJimmyFallon began trending on Twitter earlier this week, prompting Fallon to ask new site owner Elon Musk for help

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