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WATCH: Michelle Buteau Tells Drew Why The Circle Is "Really Important"

  • Neflix's reality hit The Circle has been called a lot of things, but "important" isn't one of them — until now. Host Michelle Buteau was on The Drew Barrymore Show Wednesday, and she took a moment to justify the show's existence before she heads off to film Season 2.

    "I think it's not only a fun watch, but it's also really important," she said. "What happens when you have to engage in social media? You also realize the backstories behind catfishing, where people don't feel worthy to show who they really are on social media, which is really sad, too. That begs the question 'why?' We are always enough. Be kind to each other. You can say all these comments, right, but just think about it, because this is someone's son or someone's daughter."

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