WATCH: Max Greenfield Recalls His Surreal No-Audience Price Is Right Experience

  • Max Greenfield and the rest of the cast of The Neighborhood taped an episode of The Price Is Right at Night recently, and on Wednesday night's Late Late Show with James Corden, he described what it was to do the show with no audience.

    "It was like being on every drug," Greenfield said. "Imagine The Price Is Right with no audience. It's sort of... almost all of the show. So you're in there, they've compelely sealed off all the seats, so now it's just one big flat surface that's all like lacquered white, which adds to the oddness of the experience. The music just feels like it's playing the whole time you're in there. Drew is Drew, baby, and then you're like guessing how much a pot roast costs, and you think to yourself 'I've moved on to a different phase of my life.' That's fine, and we've left normal reality and gone into this new space."

    The rest of his castmates had to function as the audience, which traditionally shouts out advice to the contestants while they're playing. Greenfield was mischievous about that part. "I found it fun to lead people astray, often. 'Bid a million dollars!' And a few people listened."

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