WATCH: Jimmy Fallon "Old Memes" The News, Realizes He Dresses Like Rick Astley

  • Once upon a time, Jimmy Fallon was known to "Slow Jam the News" with the major political figures of the day.

    On The Tonight Show Wednesday night, he changed it up to "Old Meme the News."

    When talking about how YouTube has joined other social media companies in banning Donald Trump for inciting violence, Trump's response was illustrated by the meme of the screaming 7-year-old kid still drugged from the dentist. "Meanwhile, everyone else in the country was like..." cut to laughing Chewbacca mom. And so on.

    The bit culminated with a classic Rick-roll, and Fallon realizing he was accidentally wearing pretty much the same outfit as Rick Astley in the video for "Never Gonna Give You Up." Honest coincidence or clever wardrobe department? The world may never know.

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