WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and Elizabeth Olsen Relive Tonight Shows Past in FallonVision Spoof

  • Elizabeth Olsen joined Jimmy Fallon for a spoof of WandaVision that sent the host back through the storied history of The Tonight Show, similar to how WandaVision went through decades of sitcom history. 

    The first segment of FallonVision finds Fallon approximating the look of Steve Allen, the first host of Tonight, with Olsen playing an old school movie star sipping some rum punch, although her classic Hollywood voice is by way of Samantha Jones on Sex and the City.

    The next portion puts him in the era of 1970s Johnny Carson, complete with the checkered jacket and cigarettes, although Olsen's smoke of choice might be what they used to call a "jazz cigarette." 

    Then he goes with the full-on early '90s Jay Leno look, complete with dated references like "chill pill" and "Tipper Gore," while "Lizzie Olsen" can't help but look a little like her sisters Mary-Kate and/or Ashley Olsen while reminding Fallon that he doesn't actually have an audience.

    Finally he winds up at the beginning of his own Tonight Show run, even playing his famous bomb of a sketch called "Lick it for Ten," a very un-COVID-safe segment. 

    Olsen eventually gets Fallon to snap out of his fever dream and into the modern day, but there's still something screwy going on — turns out it was "Kathryn Hahn All Along."

    Later in the show, they gave a peek behind the scenes, including the revelation that Olsen's '70s costume was just a dishrag. 

    The final episode of WandaVision premieres Friday on Disney+.

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