WATCH: Jerky Turkey Rips James Corden a New Stuffing Hole in Late Late Show Roast

  • Since everyone usually roasts a turkey for Thanksgiving, James Corden decided it might be fun to let a turkey roast the Late Late Show crew instead.

    Out came the Jerky Turkey, who proceeded to lambaste the host, the sidekicks, and the band in full celebrity roast style.

    Among the choice zingers:

    "James, I see you don't have an audience in here anymore, and I gotta say, I appreciate you doing your part to help stop exposure to one of the worst viruses in our lifetime — James Corden's comedy! I'm just kidding, James. I'm kidding. I've never actually seen your jokes kill before."

    "The band! You all are the best band in late night... is what I would be saying if I were at Jimmy Fallon's show right now."

    "Reggie Watts! You dress like Paula Poundstone on edibles. You know, I know that joke is kind of a deep cut reference, but it will make sense to more people than anything you've ever said on this show."

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