WATCH: 'If He Doesn't Remember, He's Got Dementia': View Hosts on Trump's Evasions

  • No one would accuse Republican strategist Ana Navarro of being a Trump apologist. Making her regular Friday appearance this morning on The View, Navarro ripped the President over his response to whether or not he was tested for Covid the day of his first debate with Joe Biden.

    "If he doesn't remember, then he's got dementia," Navarro proclaimed, and she wasn't necessarily just being flip. "As you all know, I've been exposed to COVID in the last few days," she explained. "When you test, you are counting down every day! You know that there's 14 days of quarantine, and you know that you've tested this day, you retest this day. You are absolutely paranoid in the minutiae of 'when did I test, when was I exposed, how many days.' So if he doesn't remember, he's got bigger problems than COVID. He has got a memory problem — a selective memory problem."

    Navro's comments came the panel discussed Trump's performance at last night's NBC News Town Hall. Newsflash: they were not impressed.

    Sunny Hostin noted that Trump's selective memory seemed to extend to QAnon as well. She also called him out for referring to moderator Savannah Guthrie as "cute."

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