WATCH: Guillermo Attempts the Bachelor Contestant Leg-Wrap Hug on Kimmel

  • Jimmey Kimmel Live! did their usual post-Bachelor wrap-up Monday night, which began with the host pointing out that apparently all the contestants have started greeting Matt by leaping up and wrapping their legs around him, prompting him to try to attempt the same thing with Guillermo, who is always game. They pulled it off, but afteward Kimmel joked "My kidney is in my shoe." 

    Kimmel also mocked Rachel's skydiving wipeout, suggesting she got "a rose and a broken pelvis." 

    Then he poked fun at the Hometowns, when Michelle got messages from the elementary school students she teaches, adding one little girl who asked "Do you really think this is going to work? This never works. Are you insane? Hey, everyone, two thumbs up if you think these two are f***ing insane."

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