WATCH: Fortune Feimster Tells Drew How She Bonded With Her Wife Over Dateline

  • Comedian Fortune Feimster was recently married, and when Drew Barrymore asked her how she knew it was meant to be, she said they made a mutual non-murder pact while watching true crime shows on TV.

    "It was early on in our relationship and, as women tend to do, we watched Dateline together," she explained on Drew Wednesday. "A lot of those Dateline shows start with, like, you know, 'they just started dating.' And we're kind of eyeing each other, because you don't really know each other. 'Are you like that? Are you going to murder me?' And you get kind of nervous. Like, you hope that you know the person that you're with."

    "At the same time, we looked at each other and we go 'promise me you'll never murder me!" she said, which became their 'eureka' moment. "I was like 'you were thinking that, too? Oh my gosh, we're meant to be!' And we made a pact not to murder each other. We shook hands and said 'I promise I'll never murder you,' and I was like 'you're the one for me.'"

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