WATCH: "F Those Nitpickin' Nerds" — Bill Burr Defends His Boston Accent on The Mandalorian

  • The Mandalorian has had a lot of surprises, not the least of which is notorious Star Wars non-fan Bill Burr showing up as a mercenary named Migs Mayfeld, who was basically just Bill Burr with Lasers.

    On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked about criticisms from fans, who are notoriously finicky, about his playing a character from another galaxy with a Boston accent.

    "That's hilarious. 'I've never heard a Boston accent in outer space' is what they say," Burr replied. "And I always just go 'oh yeah, what about English? Isn't that a little weird, if you went to a galaxy far, far away, and you get off and somebody's like 'hey, how's it goin'?' and you totally understand him? What about the fact that Han Solo's talkin' to a Bigfoot, he's speakin' Bigfoot, Han Solo's speakin' English, they never break character. The one keeps goin' ahhahhhahhah' and he's goin' "I said hit the button, Chewie!' 'Uahah!' And that was all fine! How about C-3PO with an English accent? That was okay? The guy had been knighted? He just played Royal Albert Hall and now he's hangin' out with — I almost said Lynyrd Skynyrd — Luke Skywalker?  Yeah, dude, F those nitpickin' nerds." 

    That sounds a lot more like the Bill Burr we remember shredding Star Wars as "a cheesy self-help book put in outer space with Muppets" on Conan back in 2015. 

    Star Wars: The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.

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