WATCH: Drew Barrymore Is Furious Over Sex and the City Casting Rumors

  • In this clip from Wednesday's Drew Barrymore Show, Sex and the City superfan Drew Barrymore is upset to learn that the show's revival may not include David Eigenberg's Steve or Chris Noth's Mr. Big, prompting her to wail "2021!" before passing the baton to fellow SATC fan Ross Mathews.

    "We are all still processing the Kim Cattrall news, that she's not going to be there, right?" Mathews says, explaining that Noth has been cryptic about his involvement. "Maybe it's a fluid situation. Girl, we need you now, all right? I need them ALL to show up. Enough of this playing coy, will they or won't they? You're showing up, Mr. Big, you understand? Steve? After the year we've had, we need this, and we need you to come together for us. All right, team? Just take one for the team. We're going to do this." 

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