WATCH: Drew Barrymore's First Time Watching The Bachelorette Felt Hallucinogenic

  • Drew Barrymore has never watched The Bachelorette before, and her first experience made her wonder if she was high. 

    "Here's the one thing I took from The Bachelor," she said today on her show, apparently using the words 'bachelor' and 'bachelorette' interchangeably. "Maybe it's just a first episode intro. I felt like I was watching for seven hours, and we did COVID, Claire, the host, and the first limo hadn't pulled up yet. I was like 'am I on a hallucinogenic?' because I am convinced it's Claire, COVID and the host. Like, that's ALL that's discussed. So I'm ready for more action."

    Maybe that's a sort-of kind way of saying that the show drags things out a bit much?

    The Bachelorette airs tonight on ABC. 

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