WATCH: Conan O'Brien Remembers Larry King with a Montage of His Appearances

  • Conan O'Brien took some time out on Monday's Conan to remember Larry King and his many appearances on O'Brien's show.

    "Everyone knows him as this consummate interviewer, this legendary broadcaster. He talked to everyone. Just a giant in the talk show industry," O'Brien says in the above clip. "On a more personal note, we had an interesting relationship here at this show for many years. For some reason, we don't know why, he felt very comfortable coming to us and letting his comedy side come out, and it really started almost from the beginning. I mean, when our show first went on the air, I think in '93 or '94, Larry came on and he loved to try jokes out and comedy out with us. That relationship started, and then it just kept going, and I think, for 27-28 years, Larry would come on our show, and we'd have a weird idea, and he'd say 'love it! I wanna do it!'... He liked to make people laugh. He really did. It was something that I think gave him a lot of joy, and he was good at it. He was really funny."

    Andy Richter referenced when he did a show from the rafters of Conan's studio. "He was exactly what you would want Larry King to be, and then a little bit more," Richter added. "He was nicer than he had to be, realer than he had to be, and an amazing listener to everybody he talked to."

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