WATCH: Larry King Once Hosted a Show from the Rafters on Conan

  • Larry King had a great sense of humor, and given the right platform, he was usually game for anything.

    One of those "anythings" was the time he hosted a show from up in the rafters on the set of Conan back in May of 2011, not long after he'd stepped down at CNN.

    Of course, he immediately took control of the proceedings, taking calls and throwing shade 30 feet below to Conan O'Brien himself. When one of his callers asks if he misses being on a real network, King had a good deflection. "That sounds like a good question for Conan."

    That was a harsh burn, considering it was also not long after O'Brien had to walked away from The Tonight Show on NBC.

    King even stole O'Brien's sidekick Andy Richter to have as his guest, calling him "the real star of this show." 

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