WATCH: Ben Feldman on Ending Superstore: "We're All Falling Apart Emotionally"

  • In this clip from Friday's Kelly Clarkson Show, Superstore star Ben Feldman talk discusses the "long, slow parade of goodbyes" that was filming the final episodes of the series.

    "There's no wrap party. There's no 'see you at the wrap,' there's no 'come visit us on the last day,'" Feldman said, echoing Nico Santos' sentiments about the show's anticlimactic end. "So it's just constantly like 'well, that was so-and-so's last scene, let's all sob and hug — well, sort of hug, mime-hug this person, and so yeah, no, we're losing it. We're all falling apart emotionally, and that's a funny thing to talk about on TV." 

    Feldman also suggested that after the final shoot, they'll "all go home and, like, Postmate a hamburger and sit alone in our house with our pods." 

    Superstore airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM ET on NBC. The final episode airs March 24.

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