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Do American Auto and Superstore Exist in the Same Universe?

The appearance of Jon Miyahara’s Brett in American Auto suggests the answer is yes.
  • Jon Miyahara as Brett in Superstore
    Jon Miyahara as Brett in Superstore

    That American Auto and Superstore share DNA is indisputable: Both are NBC workplace comedies created by Justin Spitzer that take place in the Midwest. It makes sense that Spitzer would also bring some of the same actors from one show to the next, and while some of that crossover is more obvious (like Jon Barinholtz, who plays a bumbling oaf in both), eagle-eyed fans were also quick to spot Jon Miyahara, who played Brett on Superstore, in the background of several scenes throughout American Auto. The March 28 episode “Passion Project” may have just confirmed that he’s playing the very same Brett who silently sulked through Cloud 9.

    Wesley Payne (Barinholtz) is devastated to see Dori (X Mayo) taking down photos of his old white ancestors in a Payne Motors office hallway, and works throughout the episode to get other employees as riled up as he is. In one instance, he tries to get Miyahara’s character’s attention as he turns a corner saying, “Brett, is it me or is something different about the hallway? Brett?” Wait, Brett?! He doesn’t say a word and keeps walking, which is just so Brett.

    It’s no wonder Brett would want to start fresh in a new city. He’s not among the employees Dina (Lauren Ash) saves to keep working at the fulfillment center when the St. Louis Cloud 9 closes, a real slap in the face to someone who was constantly praised as a top-notch employee. Maybe it was just enough to inspire him to join his biker friends on their next journey. And where else would gearheads like him and his buddies end up if not Detroit?

    Brett’s strong sense of authority would be enough to get him through the door at Payne Motors, and his superior skills as a salesperson could easily catapult him to the top. Don’t let his stoic and very, very silent presence fool you — this guy clearly loves all things that go “vroom!” He’s just laying low until he can work his way up to head of the motorcycle division so he can score free bikes for his gang and leave corporate America behind for good in exchange for a life on the open road.

    Or there’s always the possibility that this is just some other guy named Brett who, like most of the Payne Motors employees, avoids speaking with Wesley at all costs. But at the first sign of a leather jacket, we’ll know for sure, that’s our Brett! Good for him!

    American Auto airs Tuesdays at 8:00 PM ET on NBC and streams on Peacock the next day. Join the discussion about the show in our forums.

    Brianna Wellen is a TV Reporter at Primetimer who became obsessed with television when her parents let her stay up late to watch E.R. 

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