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WATCH: Bean Becomes Queen But Is No Match for a Revolving Door in Disenchantment Part 3 Trailer

  • In Simpsons creator Matt Groening's fantasyland adventure comedy series Disenchantment, Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz, better known as Bean, is very reluctant to be the traditional sort of arranged-marriage kind of royalty, so she's been off and running on her own hard-drinking crazy adventures.

    In this new trailer for Part 3 — which is technically Season 2, since Season 1 was split into Parts 1 and 2 and we're getting very Rambo III here about this — Bean seems to be called back to become the Queen of Dreamland, although it may also involve an unholy alliance with the science-driven world of Steamland, which has heretofore unimagined technical advances... such as the completely mystifying revolving door.

    Disenchantment Part 3 premieres January 15 on Netflix.

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