WATCH: Alfonso Ribeiro and Drew Reminisce About Being in the "Corey Feldman Circle of Crazy"

  • You wouldn't necessarily associate Drew Barrymore with Alfonso Ribeiro, but apparently they've got a long history together, going all the way back to 1985's Night of 100 Stars 2, a song and dance variety-show extravaganza which is the kind of thing that used to happen in the 1980s.

    She also brought up her visit to the set of Ribeiro's '80s sitcom Silver Spoons with Ricky Schroeder, even bringing a deep cut by referring to him only as The Ricker, which is a nickname he gave himself on that show. "It's been a long time since I've heard someone refer to him as The Ricker," Ribeiro laughed.

    Barrymore referenced meeting Schroeder for a People Magazine cover about young Hollywood. "It was like, the 'fresh crop' or, you know, 'who's going to make it out alive in this photograph' kind of thing."

    She also brought up their time hanging around with Corey Feldman, notorious at the time for being a "partier." "Wow, you do remember it all, yes," Ribeiro said. "I wasn't going to bring up the Corey Feldman circle, but yes, we were part of the Corey Feldman Circle of Crazy." 

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