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Ransom Ends Its Third Season of Definitely Being a TV Show

ALSO: Iyanla: Fix My Life, Halloween, Saturday Night Live, and more.
  • Karen LeBlanc, Nazneen Contractor,  Luke Roberts and Brandon Jay McLaren  in Ransom (CBS)
    Karen LeBlanc, Nazneen Contractor, Luke Roberts and Brandon Jay McLaren in Ransom (CBS)

    It's become a recurring joke to say that TV shows can exist on CBS for years without anybody ever hearing about them. Sometimes making that joke is a sly way to brag about how young you are — like you are just that unaware of CBS programming — but sometimes it's just the absolute truth. It certainly speaks to the media's disinterest in much of CBS's programming (although that in turn speaks to CBS's lack of interesting or daring content; onward that Mobius strip goes!). Which all to preface the fact that CBS has a show called Ransom that's wrapping up its THIRD season tonight, yet chances are you've never heard of it.

    SEASON FINALE: Ransom follows an international crisis and hostage negotiating team led by Eric Beaumont (Luke Roberts), and in the season finale, said elite team needs to break all their rules in order to rescue Cynthia and her brother Tyler from abduction. 9:00 PM ET on CBS

    NEW EPISODE: It's another "Where Are They Now" episode from Iyanla: Fix My Life as lifestyle fixer and Oprah acolyte Iyanla Vanzant revisits the case of a previous episode, and we see if they heeded Iyanla's stern words and heavy metaphors. Tonight, we revisit the family from the 2016 episode "Lotto Drama," where a black family had won the lottery and was living in a giant plantation home. Did Iyanla's plan to make them carry a red wagon full of gold bricks to symbolize … something … work? 9:00 PM ET on OWN

    SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Jamie Lee Curtis was the gold standard in the trend of graying heroines returning to kick butt in the franchises that made them famous (hello, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator movie) when she returned to Halloween last fall. The David Gordon Green-directed franchise reboot is HBO's big Saturday Night movie premiere tonight. 8:00 PM ET on HBO


    • The Book of John Gray ends its second season following the Houston, Texas, pastor. 10:00 PM ET on OWN
    • Murdoch Mysteries will scratch that itch for early 20th century Canadian detective drama. 7:00 PM ET on Ovation
    • Saturday Night Live airs the Emma Stone/BTS episode from last month, which is worth a second look just for a peek at the custom dance floor BTS has installed for their performance. 11:30 PM ET on NBC

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