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Superstore Cast Reflects on Their Favorite Episodes

  • As Superstore approaches its double-episode series finale on Thursday, this new featurette allows the cast to reflect on their experiences on the show and name some of their favorite moments from its six-season run. 

    "All time favorite episode, that's tough," Ben Feldman (Jonah) says. "The easy thing to say is 'All Nighter,' because we all kind of agreed early on in Season 1 that that was our favorite. It was the first time the whole cast really was thrown into the room together for an entire episode and we were playing drunk on the show, so everybody was really goofy, and there were games and everything, and I think it was a huge bonding experience for everybody. So that kind of goes down, at least in our history books, as the ultimate experience."

    When asked which episode they would like to re-live over and over like Groundhog Day, Colton Dunn (Garrett) picked the episode he wrote where Ben Feldman had to chug ranch dressing, while Nico Santos (Mateo) says "any episode that features Mateo and Cheyenne being stupid idiots" and Lauren Ash (Dina) picks "Ladies Lunch," because "getting drunk, doing karaoke, being able to hang out with all the girls, but especially Amy, that's Dina's dream."

    Nichole Sakura (Cheyenne) chose "Cloud 9 Academy," where she and America Ferrera (Amy) go to manager training. "We had an amazing guest star, Ian Roberts, who's an improv god, and I just remember laughing on set so much that day." 

    "I started off as a one-day guest actor on Episode 2, so to be here as part of this family is really a dream come true," says Kaliko Kauahi of her time as Sandra, naming her favorite ep as "Toxic Workplace." "From beginning to end, I'm laughing, and it's not just a big moment here, a big gag. Throughout it, it's just dozens and dozens of little moments, and you see a little bit of each character just being themselves, but it's all the little quirks that they do throughout each episode that make me laugh so much." 

    Ferrera loved the strike episode. "Even though the actual shoot of that episode was hellish because it was like 100 degrees, the episode itself I felt was the show at its best."

    "From an experiential point of view, though, my favorite episode, for personal reasons, is the one I got to direct," Mark McKinney (Glenn) said about the "Lovebirds" episode. "I saw the show in a new way. Going in and talking to this incredibly talented cast and then realizing just what a bunch of thoroughbreds they are, and the crew was so great to work with." He also notes that the strike episode is a good choice, because "the show has a bit of a conscience, and it makes fun of itself for having a bit of a conscience, which is fantastic. It's actually the way to do it in comedy." 

    Along those lines, Santos cited the Season 4 finale, when Mateo gets taken by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as the episode he'd put in a time capsule. "It's an important story to tell. It was tough to film. It was tough to watch. I think it really demonstrates what the show is about. The show is filled with heart and humor."

    Superstore's final two episodes air Thursday, March 25 at 8:00 PM ET on NBC.

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