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Stephen Colbert & Steve Carell as Waiters Nauseated By Food Is Our Post-Thanksgiving Mood Right Now

  • If you gorged yourself so much on Thanksgiving dinner that you're still feeling sick at the thought of eating again, perhaps you can sympathize with this classic sketch featuring a pre-fame Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell. 

    Back in 1996, the two superstars-in-waiting were getting what they thought was their big break on ABC's The Dana Carvey Show, but as the Hulu documentary Too Funny to Fail explains, that didn't turn out to be the case. However, one of the show's most memorable sketches was this absurd piece about waiters at a fancy restaurant who are completely grossed out at the thought of the food they serve.

    The duo memorably discussed (and re-enacted) the sketch in 2019 when Carell guested on Colbert's Late Show:

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