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John Oliver Accidentally Spawns "Pringles Guy" Erotic Fan Art, Turns It Into a Charity Challenge

  • Last season on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver made a throwaway joke about the mustachioed logo mascot for Pringles potato crisps (called such because "they don't meet the FDA's definition of a potato chip"), wondering what his body looks like since we only ever see his head. That spawned a lot of imaginative fan art on social media about just what that body might be, which included some oddly erotic imagery, as well as the idea that he might just be an octopus below the neck..

    The show is currently on hiatus, but Oliver dropped in to issue a charity challenge to Pringles to respond to this by revealing what the actual Pringles Guy (real name: "Julius Pringles") body looks like. 

    "My point here is I know so much useless information about Pringles, but not the one thing I really want to know, which is 'what is Julius Pringles working with from the neck down?'" Oliver asked. "Do I need to know this? No, I don't. Do I want to? Yes, very badly. So much so that I am willing to give $10,000 to Feeding America if Pringles answers my question — on the condition, of course, that they don't spend a f**king penny of that money on Pringles, because it's a garbage snack. It's garbage."

    Interesting choice, begging them for a response while trashing the product, but Oliver does have a history with weird social media beefs. Last season, for example, he started randomly trashing the town of Danbury, CT as a joke, and they responded with enough back and forth that somehow they agreed to name a sewage treatment plant after him in exchange for a charity donation. Perhaps Pringles will do the same. 

    There's been no response from Pringles yet, but Oliver likely won't take 'no response' as an answer. 

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returns to HBO with new episodes in February 2021.

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