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Joanie Loved Binky in Happy Days Valentine's Day Clip

  • Most people of a certain age remember Joanie Loves Chachi, but what about the time Joanie loved Binky? That's the era of Happy Days where this sweet Valentine's Day clip comes from. 

    As the gang celebrates the holiday in their own ways, Richie with his Sweet Knees, Potsie with his desert island love, Howard coming through and always remembering to bring flowers for Marion, and even the Fonz wrapping himself in a ribbon because "he never gives nothin' but the best," Joanie (Erin Moran) is left out because her boyfriend had to work all day, and miss the big dance at Arnold's. Turns out that Binky was only working so he could get her a gift, and even though he shows up late, there's still time for them to head out to Inspiration Point. Ooh la la. 

    Trivia note: Binky is played by Christopher Knight, better known as Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch

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