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Drew Barrymore Is The Reason Jennifer Garner Did Her Own Alias Stunts

  • Jennifer Garner played butt-kicking superspy Sydney Bristow on the J.J. Abrams show Alias from 2001-2006, and on Thursday's Drew Barrymore Show, she told Drew that her work on Charlie's Angels back in 2000 was her inspiration to learn how to do her own stunts.

    "The whole reason I got so exicted about investing myself in stunts and doing them all and learning to fight and being on wires was because of Charlie's Angels," Garner said. "Just because I was such an enormous fan of what you guys did and how you changed the game, and I ended up working with your same stunt crew... on a movie later, and was just like 'tell me everything they did, how did they train, what was it like?' You're my inspiration, Drew."

    Barrymore explained that the era was a challenging one for female action stars. "I felt like it was hard to establish yourself as a woman who wasn't trying to be a man if you were doing stuff that men did." 

    For reference, here's some of Garner's work on Alias:

    And here's some of Barrymore's work from Charlie's Angels:

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