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Bill Burr Presented a Lot of Grammy Awards for Some Reason

  • Comedian Bill Burr was a presenter at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, and in this clip, you can see why his brash brand of humor managed to get some people talking on Twitter.

    "Was I the only one who wanted to kill himself during that piano solo?" Burr said right off the bat, referring to Igor Levit's performance of "Moonlight Sonata" that immediately preceded him. "I bought a suit for this! I thought it was gonna be on TV! I'm such a moron. I am losing so much money right now." 

    He then presented a few awards in a row, including Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album, Best Regional Mexican Music Album, and Best Tropical Latin Album, and after stumbling on some names, he asked "How many feminists are going nuts on 'why's this cis white male doing all this Latino stuff?'"

    He stayed on stage to present several more awards, including Best Orchestral Performance, Best Opera Recording, Best Choral Performance, and so on, continuing to butcher names and barely listening to the nominee announcements, leading one to wonder whether or not he felt the same way about getting through all those awards as he did about Levit's performance.

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