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Your Guide to the Celebrity Guest Voices of Big Mouth Season 5

Who's new as Netflix's pubescent sex cartoon returns for a new season.
  • Kumail Nanjiani (playing himself) is among the celebrity guest stars lending their voice to Big Mouth Season 5.
    Kumail Nanjiani (playing himself) is among the celebrity guest stars lending their voice to Big Mouth Season 5.

    Good news for fans of animated comedy and frank depictions of the messiness of puberty: Big Mouth returns today with its fifth season, and Bridgeton Middle School is as fraught as ever with big tween emotions. The series, created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett has boldly explored the burgeoning sexualities of middle school kids Nick (voiced by Kroll), Andrew (John Mulaney), and their friends, never shying away from being completely frank while also surprisingly sensitive when it comes to the confusing swirl of emotions faced by these kids as their bodies go through a litany of fun and scary changes.

    With its new season, Big Mouth introduces new feelings, new relationships for its characters, and new voices added to the cast. Three of these voices — Pamela Adlon, Keke Palmer, and Brandon Kyle Goodman — have already been cast to lead the upcoming Big Mouth spinoff, Human Resources. So, who all can we look forward to hearing this season on Big Mouth? You've come to the right place.

    Pamela Adlon as Sonya, a Love Bug

    Big Mouth has explored the world of adolescent impulses, fears, and emotions through a variety of characters and creatures, including hormone monsters, shame wizards, anxiety mosquitos, and depression kitties. This season the show introduces a pair of love bugs to represent those feelings of irrepressible, spirit-swelling affection and devotion thatone has for an early love. Sonya is the love bug assigned to Jessi (Jessi Klein), who begins to develop feelings for her friend Ali (Ali Wong). Adlon has starred on the FX series Better Things since 2016, earning two Emmy nominations to go with the Emmy Award she won in 2002 for voicing Bobby Hill on King of the Hill.

    Brandon Kyle Goodman as Walter, a Love Bug

    Walter is Sonya's love bug counterpart with an even sunnier disposition, which only makes sense given that he's assigned to Nick, whose feelings for Jessi have bubbled over from friendship to full-blown love. Goodman joined the Big Mouth writers room in season four, co-writing the episode "Four Stories About Hand Stuff." He also appeared in the Netflix movie Feel the Beat and starred opposite Andrew Scott in an episode of Amazon's Modern Love.

    Keke Palmer as Rochelle, a Hate Worm

    Keke Palmer landed her breakthrough role in the 2006 film Akeelah and the Bee, opposite Laurence Fishburne. Since then she's appeared in movies like Joyful Noise, opposite Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton, and on shows like Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens. She also famously could not identify a photo of Dick Cheney. She provides the voice of Rochelle, a hate worm who, true to her moniker, revels in the hateful feelings she can dredge up in whomever she's worming around (in this case, it's Missy).

    Adam Scott as Mr. Keating

    You can't have a TV show about kids in school without giving them an inspiring, ostentatiously hip professor to teach them how cool Shakespeare can be. That person this season on Big Mouth is Mr. Keating, whose five o'clock shadow and penchant for standing atop desks grabs the attention of at least Andrew. Keating is voiced by Adam Scott, the comedic actor best known for playing Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation or, if you're cool, Henry on Party Down. Or you might know him from movie roles in Step Brothers or The Aviator. More recently, he played Reese Witherspoon's husband on Big Little Lies and hateful demon Trevor on The Good Place.

    Jemaine Clement as Simon Sex

    One half of the comedy folk duo Flight of the Conchords, Jemaine Clement has appeared in films like Gentlemen Broncos and Dinner for Schmucks, and has loaned his voice to a long list of animated films, including Moana (as the "Shiny" crab Tamatoa) and The Lego Batman Movie (as Sauron). He also co-directed and starred in the movie version of What We Do in the Shadows. He voices the role of Simon Sex on Big Mouth, a sensitive, shroom-taking friend of Maury the hormone monster.

    Chloe Fineman as Leah Birch

    Saturday Night Live cast member Chloe Fineman has seen great success over the last two seasons with her impersonations of Britney Spears and Timothee Chalamet, among others. This season on Big Mouth, she takes over for Kat Dennings in the role of Leah, Nick's older sister, who has a new boyfriend whom Nick is NOT happy about.

    Kumail Nanjiani as Himself

    Currently a jacked Marvel superhero in Eternals, the former star of Silicon Valley turned Oscar-nominated screenwriter for The Big Sick has really seen his profile raised in the last handful of years. This is reflected this season on Big Mouth as he cameos as himself in the premiere episode.

    Kristen Schaal as Bernie Sanders

    When it comes to TV comedy, Kristen Schaal has done it all. The one-time Daily Show correspondent got an early start in a guest role as an enthusiastic fan on Flight of the Conchords, she played a scheming NBC page on 30 Rock, she co-starred with Will Forte on FOX's The Last Man on Earth, and she can currently be found on What We Do in the Shadows. This season on Big Mouth, she's playing the conspicuously named Bernie Sanders, who is not an old senator running for president but instead a girl Andrew meets on a ski trip who finds all of his weirdness appealing.

    Hugh Jackman as Himself (kinda)

    You know who Hugh Jackman is. He played Jean Valjean in Les Miserables and P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman. He starred opposite Nicole Kidman in Baz Luhrmann's Australia. Oh, and he played Wolverine from the X-Men in a few movies. And yes, Hugh Jackman even lends his voice in a cameo appearance this season on Big Mouth. He plays a version of himself that's not quite himself, but we don't want to ruin it, so you're just going to have to watch for yourself.

    Big Mouth season five is now streaming on Netflix.

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