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Alex Trebek Became the First to Host 3 Game Shows at the Same Time 30 Years Ago Today

  • On February 4, 1991, Alex Trebek became the first person to host three separate American game shows at the same time, when this episode of To Tell the Truth premiered on NBC.

    At the time Trebek was already hosting Jeopardy!, as well as another NBC game show called Classic Concentration, the latter of which would end its run in September of 1991. After this version of To Tell the Truth lost two different hosts, Gordon Elliott and Lynn Swann (not to mention Richard Kline, who hosted the first two pilot episodes), Trebek stepped in and took over for the rest of its run, which would only be another three months.

    Trebek returned to To Tell the Truth in 2018, as a panelist for ABC's current revival hosted by Anthony Anderson.

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