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The Most Anticipated Shows of June 2024

The Boys, The Bear, and more Star Wars and Bridgerton are on the way.
  • Ayo Edebiri in The Bear; Krysten Ritter in Orphan Black: Echoes; Amandla Stenberg in The Acolyte; Emma D'Arcy in House of the Dragon (Photos: FX/AMC/Disney/HBO)
    Ayo Edebiri in The Bear; Krysten Ritter in Orphan Black: Echoes; Amandla Stenberg in The Acolyte; Emma D'Arcy in House of the Dragon (Photos: FX/AMC/Disney/HBO)

    The domestic box office might be suffering but there is a blockbuster month of TV coming our way in June. Whether you're anxiously awaiting the second half of Bridgerton Season 3, a dragon duel for the ages in House of the Dragon, or excited to journey to a galaxy far, far, away with The Acolyte, there's something for everyone.

    Fire up your queues because Prime Video's raunchy superhero satire The Boys also returns for Season 4 in June and make sure you have your stress toy ready for The Bear Season 3. Hulu and FX will be dropping all episodes at once on June 27 so we hope you're ready to "Yes, chef" Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) through yet another existential crisis.

    Primetimer has also prepared a few more niche suggestions for what to watch in our superlative section. Grab your remotes, let's go.

    The Acolyte, Disney+

    Premieres June 4

    Will The Acolyte bring appointment streaming back to Disney+? The most recent big-budget Star Wars and Marvel shows didn’t do much to move the needle for the mouse-helmed streaming network, but this new space adventure might be the ticket. The cast includes Amandla Stenberg (Everything, Everything), Manny Jacinto (The Good Place), Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix), Charlie Barnett (Russian Doll), and Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen & Slim). At the very least it is going to be beautiful to look at, and the trailers have teased a mystery series, which definitely has us intrigued.

    The Boys Season 4, Prime Video

    Premieres June 13

    Alexa, play "Best of Billy Joel" playlist, because The Boys is finally returning after two years away. Every season of this show has been a funhouse mirror of the toxic aspects of our own society decorated with middle fingers, superheroes, and so much blood. Season 3 stopped pulling punches about comparing Homelander (Antony Starr) to Donald Trump, and Season 4 will see the leader of The Seven go on trial. We'll see if Eric Kripke and his creative team can continue to thread the needle so flawlessly when the material is venturing on ripped-from-the-headlines territory.

    Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2, Netflix

    Premieres June 13

    How will Bridgerton top the carriage scene in Season 3 Part 1? Luckily, Netflix isn't making fans wait long to find out. The second half of Penelope's (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin's (Luke Newton) love story arrives in June. All burning questions will be answered, like whether Penelope says yes to the proposal, how Colin will react to Lady Whistledown's real identity, and whether Penelope and Eloise (Claudia Jessie) will ever figure out how to be best friends again.

    House of the Dragon Season 2, HBO

    Premieres June 16

    Pour a Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco in it and decide whether you are on Team Green or Team Black. The Targaryens go to war with themselves for the Iron Throne in the second season of this Game of Thrones spin-off. The first season was a lot of build-up to the family's civil war, but after the death of Rhaenyra's (Emma D'Arcy) son in the season finale, war has officially been declared and the dragons are heading into battle.

    The Bear Season 3, Hulu

    Premieres June 27

    The dedicated staff at The Bear launched a successful restaurant in Season 2 but can they hold on to that success? That's the question at the center of Season 3 after Carmy's epic meltdown in the final episode of Season 2. Honestly, the societal obsession with this Emmy darling has less to do with Carmy's emotional state and more to do with exquisite food porn and rooting for Syd (Ayo Edebiri) to get everything she wants, and more.

    If you like…

    …Addictive distractions from life: American Ninja Warrior, NBC

    Premieres June 3

    Summertime is supposed to be about relaxing and giving your brain a break. That means your summer TV rotation should also be full of options that don't require you to think too hard. Enter American Ninja Warrior, the perfect summer show. It's exciting enough to keep you entertained, as athletes make their way through seemingly impossible obstacle courses, but it doesn't require you to remember complicated family dynamics and plot points. American Ninja Warrior is the equivalent of your first dip in the pool on a particularly scorching hot day.

    …Irreverent comedy and British accents: Queenie, Hulu

    Premieres June 7

    It might be impossible for a show to replace Michaela Coel's masterpiece I May Destroy You, but Queenie has the greatest potential to scratch that itch that we've seen so far. The Hulu series is based on Candice Carty-Williams's bestselling novel of the same name and stars Dionne Brown as the titular Queenie, a 25-year-old Jamaican-British woman on the rebound from a rough breakup with her white boyfriend. It's going to be funny but also pack an emotional punch, and we love an unexpected summer treat with layers.

    …The CHAOS of Love Is Blind: Perfect Match Season 2, Netflix

    Premieres June 7

    Perfect Match is the Bachelor in Paradise of the Netflix dating show universe, which means it has all of the insane drama of its flagship series (essentially Love Is Blind) but doesn't take itself half as seriously. The second season launches on June 7 and will see the return of Micah (Love Is Blind Season 4), Izzy (Love Is Blind Season 5), and many more Netflix dating show alums doing everything they can to pair up for their shot at a cash prize and their dream vacation. This is for everyone that can't look away from train wrecks and don't feel bad about it.

    …Criminally underrated actresses acting their asses off: Orphan Black: Echoes, AMC/BBC America

    Premieres June 23

    Some may argue that we don't actually need more Orphan Black because Tatiana Maslany did everything an actress could do with the original series. In this house, we believe you can have the utmost respect for Maslany and also believe in Krysten Ritter, who is a criminally underrated actress in her own right. Ritter takes the lead in this future-set spin-off about yet another clone experiment gone wrong, and the lengths its subjects must go to for a chance at a normal life.

    …Spanish vineyards and escapism: Land of Women, Apple TV+

    Premieres June 26

    All hail Eva Longoria having her Under the Tuscan Sun moment! The producer-director gets back in front of the camera for this Apple TV+ series about a New York socialite who must flee to a Spanish vineyard with her mother and college-age daughter when her husband implicates the family in a slew of financial crimes. This is a story about family and finding yourself, even in middle-age. It was also shot on location in Spain, so you are guaranteed gorgeous vistas and a great escapism show for the summer.

    More Notable Premieres in June

    Clipped (Hulu): Series Premiere, June 4
    Criminal Minds: Evolution (Paramount+): Season 2 premiere, June 6
    Sweet Tooth (Netflix): Season 3 Premiere June 6
    Power Book II: Ghost (Starz): Season 4 Premiere June 7
    Presumed Innocent (Netflix): Series Premiere June 12
    Alone (History): Series Premiere, June 13
    77th Annual Tony Awards (CBS): Award Show June 16
    Hotel Cocaine (MGM+): Series Premiere June 16
    I Am: Celine Dion (Prime Video): Premiere June 25
    My Lady Jane (Prime Video): Series Premiere June 27

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