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The Most Anticipated Shows of July 2024

Those About to Die, The Olympics, Lady in the Lake, Time Bandits, and more arrive this month.
  • Clockwise: Unprisoned, All American: Homecoming, Snowpiercer, Lady in the Lake (Photos: Hulu/The CW/Tnets/Apple TV+)
    Clockwise: Unprisoned, All American: Homecoming, Snowpiercer, Lady in the Lake (Photos: Hulu/The CW/Tnets/Apple TV+)

    We are officially in the summer months and you would think that would mean TV fare has gotten light, but the opposite is true. New epics like Peacock’s Those About to Die premiere in July, showing the beginning of Rome's gladiator system. Meanwhile, the Olympic Games kick off in Paris at the end of the month. If reality games are more your thing, then you can get hyped for a new season of Big Brother on CBS or check out Netflix's new Japanese acquisition The Boyfriend.

    If you're looking for something more light-hearted, then you can check out Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's new Apple TV+ series, Time Bandits. or Season 2 of Unprisoned, starring Kerry Washington on Hulu. As we've been doing for a few months, Primetimer not only takes a look at the big titles coming next month, but also a list of superlative choices that may have otherwise gone overlooked.

    Without further adieu, these are the most anticipated shows coming to TV and streaming in the month of July.

    The Boyfriend, Netflix

    Premieres July 9

    Get ready for a new reality show obsession! The Boyfriend is very much in the spirit of the beloved Terrace House and brings a group of Japanese single men together to live in a cute house, run a coffee truck, and hopefully find true love. It's a coffee shop-AU (alternate universe) fan-fiction come to life but things get Bravo-level messy as new faces enter the house, crushes are formed, and hearts are broken. Grab a mug, because this is going to be a delicious disaster.

    Lady in the Lake, Apple TV+

    Premieres July 19

    If you're looking for a summer caper with fantastic outfits and major Emmy-winning potential, then Apple TV+ has the show for you. Lady in the Lake brings Natalie Portman and Moses Ingram together in a story about a housewife turned reporter who gets in way over her head when she starts investigating the murder of a Black woman in 1966 Baltimore. It's simultaneously glitzy and creepy, and the two leads put in riveting performances.

    Those About to Die, Peacock

    Premieres July 18

    The very obvious usage of VFX in Those About to Die’s first-look images is admittedly cause for concern, but it is also a gladiator series boasting a cast that includes Sir Anthony Hopkins and Game of Thrones scene stealer Iwan Rheon. The series will explore the development of Rome's infamous gladiator fights and the corrupt system orchestrating the deadly battles. For better or for worse, it is an epic that will bridge the gap between the end of House of the Dragon Season 2 and the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Season 2 premiere in late August. And who doesn't love a trip to ancient Rome and gladiator politics?

    Time Bandits, Apple TV+

    Premieres July 24

    In Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, we trust! The What We Do in the Shadows creators are putting their own spin on the Terry Gilliam comedy film for Apple TV+. It's another misfit adventure, this time through space and time as a group of thieves decide to help an 11-year-old history buff named Kevin save his family… and the world. The original film is a beloved cult classic, but Waititi and Clement have also proven they are very astute in bringing joviality and heart to the small screen.

    The Olympics, NBC/Peacock

    Opening Ceremony airs July 26

    It's the most patriotic part of an election year: The Olympics! The world's best athletes head to Paris this summer to compete in a variation of sports for medals and other accolades. The summer games mean afternoons and evenings glued to swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, and more scores as we cheer on our chosen countries. Kayak cross and breakdancing are the newest sports to join the games, with surfing and skateboarding both returning for their second-ever Olympics.

    If you like…

    …college love triangles: All American: Homecoming, CW

    Premieres July 8

    It's sad to already know that the upcoming season of All American: Homecoming will be its last, but we will at least get answers to burning questions, like who did Simone (Geffri Maya) ask to meet her at the quad in the Season 2 finale? Will she ever leave school to try and go pro? Will the crew ever get over their internal drama to have Sunday dinners again? There's a lot we need to know before we say goodbye to the Bringston family forever.

    …being glued to your TV all summer: Big Brother, CBS

    Premieres July 17

    One of the summer's most popular addictions returns in July. Big Brother is one of the GOAT reality shows, but it requires a lot of commitment, with multiple episodes during the week and monitoring the live feeds on Paramount+ for super fans. However, every season brings new gamers, challenges, and drama to add to the Big Brother lore, which is why so many fans come back year after year.

    …messy family comedies: Unprisoned Season 2, Hulu

    Premieres July 18

    If you want to see Kerry Washington unbuttoned after so many years of playing the very kept-together Olivia Pope on Scandal, then you should check out the very underrated Unprisoned on Hulu. Washington plays Paige, a therapist and aspiring influencer who finds her inner peace disturbed when her father is released from prison and comes to live with her. Season 2 will see Paige trying to put the pieces of her life together after her own self-sabotaging in Season 1. Each episode is under 30 minutes, which means you can easily catch up and join in on the dysfunctional family fun in Season 2.

    …karate dramedy and nostalgia: Cobra Kai Season 6, Part 1

    Premieres July 18

    The final season of Cobra Kai kicks off this summer, but it's only the first of three parts. The second iteration of episodes follows in November and the final, final episodes will arrive in 2025. Kreese (Martin Cove) faked his death and escaped prison in the Season 5 finale, and the Netflix date announcement for the final season hints that he isn't done with Johnny (William Zabka) or Daniel (Ralph Macchio). Can the two get over their differences, defeat their foe, and get the dojo ready for the international karate competition, Sekai Taikai? You only have to wait until July 18 to find out… or maybe 2025.

    …cannibalism and high-speed trains: Snowpiercer Season 4, AMC

    Premieres July 21

    Yes, Snowpiercer is still on the air. And yes, it is on yet another new network. The train thriller's fourth and final (probably) season arrives on AMC in July. This is the Little Engine That Could of TV shows. It's changed networks almost a half-dozen times at this point, and that tenacity alone makes it worthy of ending its tale. Avengers alum Clark Gregg joins the final season as a terrorist who takes dozens of Snowpiercer riders hostage in hopes of getting to Melanie (Jennifer Connolly). Will the train finally be stopped and will these weary travelers ever know peace? It looks like it will be a hellish journey before that is possible.

    Other Notable Premieres

    The Bachelorette Season 21, ABC (Premieres July 8)
    Claim to Fame Season 3, ABC (Premieres July 10)
    Sunny, Apple TV+ (Premieres July 10)
    Vikings: Valhalla Season 3, Netflix (Premieres July 11)
    Emperor of Ocean Park, MGM+ (Premieres July 14)
    The Black Widower, ID (Premieres July 15)
    How I Caught My Killer, Hulu (July 18)
    61st Street Season 2, CW (Premieres July 22)
    The Decameron, Netflix (Premieres July 25)
    Futurama Season 12, Hulu (Premieres July 29)

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