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Succession Star Kieran Culkin Explains Why J. Smith-Cameron Threw a Drink in His Face

"You're lucky it was a drink, not a steak knife," said Stephen Colbert.
  • Even when he's out of character, Succession star Kieran Culkin gets on J. Smith-Cameron's nerves.

    During a Wednesday night appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Culkin explained why his co-star threw a drink in his face earlier this week — and it was clear he deserved it.

    On Monday night, Smith-Cameron tweeted, "I threw a drink in Kieran’s face tonight." She later clarified it was only "half" a drink, but insisted "he had it coming." Smith-Cameron also included a photo of the two of them, with evidence of her drink on Culkin's shirt.

    Wednesday night on Colbert, Culkin explained what happened.

    "We just finished doing a table read for like the fourth episode," Culkin said. "And she was like a little upset. She goes, 'You have a joke about my old age, and there's always so many jokes about how old I am.' Which the show is pretty brutal about making fun of everybody, I think."

    "Then later on, we're having a dinner, and Sarah Snook is saying ... 'You know, men's ears and noses never stop growing, so as they have long ears.' I said, 'Are you sure that's just men?' And J. goes, 'Why are you pointing at me? What? Why?' I go, 'No, no, no, I'm just saying, you have long ears. I'm not sure if — were they always that way?'"

    Laughing, Culkin added, "And still, I don't have the drink in my face ... That's early on in the dinner. Later on, the restaurant is getting more and more full, and it gets harder for her to hear, so she just keeps having to ask, 'What's funny? Why are they laughing? What did he say?' And I was like, 'You got all that ear, and you can't hear?'"

    "Still no drink in my face," Culkin continued. "And then we get the check, and everybody's getting ready to go. She goes, 'What's happening? What are we doing?' And I take her hand, and I go 'We're going now! We're all going home! It's 8:00! Thank you so much for staying up so late. We appreciate —"

    And at that point, Smith-Cameron threw her drink in Culkin's face.

    "I deserve it," Culkin said, to which Colbert added, "You're lucky it was a drink, not a steak knife."

    Succession is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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