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Meghan McCain Doesn't Talk With Her Former View Co-Hosts, Except One: Sunny Hostin

Oh to be a fly on the wall for those conversations.
  • Strange bedfellows: Hostin and McCain on The View set in 2019. (Photo ABC)
    Strange bedfellows: Hostin and McCain on The View set in 2019. (Photo ABC)

    A version of this story originally appeared on our sister site TV Tattle.

    Meghan McCain has made no secret of her distaste for some of her former co-hosts on The View, but the conservative firebrand has nothing but good things to say about Sunny Hostin. Speaking with Carlos King in a new episode of his Reality with The King podcast released Wednesday, McCain said Hostin is the only one of her former colleagues with whom she keeps in touch.

    "I was actually messaging her about, uh, like a month ago about some like very personal stuff about motherhood," McCain said. "And I have like such love for her and I respect her and like, do we talk every day? No. But if she were like walking into the kitchen right now, I would like hug her and wanna talk to her for like few hours."

    Although McCain says she no longer watches The View, likening it to "an ex-boyfriend that everyone knows you broke up with," she praised Hostin for being "the most politically savvy person on that show, at least when I worked there,” adding "I don’t know why MSNBC isn’t trying to poach her for like Rachel Maddow’s slot. Like that’s how good I think she is."

    McCain left The View in the summer of 2021 after four often contentious years on the show. She's since released a book, titled Bad Republican, and writes a column for the Daily Mail.

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