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Kathy Hilton Slammed for Mistaking Lizzo for Precious: 'A Lying, Racist Idiot'

Watch What Happens Live viewers did not find the mistake at all funny.
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton has found herself in hot water after she mistook Lizzo for "Precious," a character played by Gabourey Sidibe in 2009, on Wednesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

    During a game of "Will Kathy Know Them?" Hilton was asked to identify different celebrities. When a photo of Lizzo came up, she said, "I feel like I do [know her]. Precious?"

    Almost everyone in the room began to laugh, including host Andy Cohen and fellow RHOBH star Crystal Kung Minkoff, as they informed Hilton that the woman in the photo is Lizzo.

    However, viewers took to Twitter to point out that the mistake actually wasn't funny at all.

    Many are now calling Hilton "racist" and "fatphobic" for the mistake, with one person writing, "Kathy Hilton damn well know Lizzo ain't Precious, a FICTIONAL character. That's mad disrespectful, racist, and fatphobic."

    "When Precious came out, a lot of people used the character's name as a derogatory label to fuel their fatphobia and to bully," wrote another. "So no, I don't think that it's funny that Lizzo, home minding her own business, had to watch herself be called Precious in front of millions on live tv."

    During the segment, Minkoff attempted to downplay her co-star's mistake. "She is precious, though. Lizzo is precious," she said, to which Hilton responded, "That's what I call her! Her nickname is Precious, to me."

    Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen airs Sundays through Thursdays on Bravo.

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