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John Oliver Roasts 'Little B*tch' Madison Cawthorn After Primary Loss

The late night host took on the North Carolina and Pennsylvania primaries in his latest episode.
  • It was a busy week in politics, but on Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver focused on the primary elections, particularly those in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

    “On Tuesday, all of these states held their primaries, resulting in, among other things, Madison Cawthorn losing his — meaning he has now officially set a record for shortest term to ever be served by a little bitch,” said Oliver.

    Cawthorn was defeated after members of his own party leaked inappropriate photos and a nude video, which he described as "blackmail." The leak emerged after the 25-year-old junior congressman told a story about being invited to cocaine orgies by fellow Republicans.

    Despite the salacious story, Oliver insisted "the most consequential news" of the week centers on the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, with candidate Doug Mastriano, who has been spreading misinformation about the 2020 election, saying that Trump lost due to election fraud. Mastriano also participated in the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol.

    “He marched on the Capitol on January 6 — something that’s become a weird point of pride for Republicans,” said Oliver. “It’s like hearing someone brag that they were on the boat the night Natalie Wood died. I don’t know what’s more troubling there: that you think that makes you sound good, or that some people might actually agree with you.” While serving as a state senator, Mastriano also held hearings with Rudy Giuliani on the alleged election fraud.

    Oliver then displayed a quote in which Mastriano bragged that he could manipulate election results, saying, “I could decertify every machine in the state with the stroke of a pen via my secretary of state. I already have the secretary of state picked out. It’s a world-class person that knows voting integrity better than anyone else in the nation, I think, and I already have a team that’s gonna be built around that individual.”

    “Wow. That is ominous,” said the late night host. “Because I don’t know who he’s got in mind, but I do know there is no way that they’re a world-class person because 1) anyone Mastriano likes is immediately suspicious; and 2) the only truly world-class people on the planet are Dolly Parton and… end of list.”

    Oliver went on to list other reasons Mastriano would be a "total nightmare," including his promise to make Pennsylvania a "second amendment sanctuary" and his desire to implement a "total ban on abortion."

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