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John Mulaney and Andy Samberg Roast Jimmy Kimmel for Getting COVID Twice

Dressed head-to-toe in show merch, the guest hosts poked fun at Kimmel.
  • Jimmy Kimmel has COVID yet again, but the show must go on. On Wednesday night, John Mulaney and Andy Samberg, dressed head-to-toe in Jimmy Kimmel Live! merch, stepped in as both hosts and guests of the late-night show, a task that they eagerly embraced.

    "For any of you that don't like what you're seeing tonight, buckle up because it's not gonna get any better. Coming up is more of this... but way less fine-tuned," joked Samberg.

    Mulaney added, "Only on this show could you get bumped from guest to host. That doesn't normally happen like at a bed and breakfast."

    The duo also took a few jabs at Kimmel for dealing with his second bout of COVID in such a short amount of time. "Thank you so much, it is an honor and a favor to be here," said Mulaney. "I guess we should explain why we’re hosting tonight. Remember how Jimmy said he didn’t have COVID but then he said he did have COVID? Well, he was right both times."

    "That’s right… Jimmy has contracted COVID again, for the second time in three weeks," Samberg added. "And we’re thinking they should probably change the name of the show to Jimmy Kimmel… Alive."

    As for their outfits, which consisted of Jimmy Kimmel Live! sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts, fanny packs, and baseball caps, Mulaney told the audience that he and Samberg no longer fit into their old suits "since the whole pandemic and quitting cocaine thing," a reference to Mulaney’s substance abuse issues and subsequent rehab stint.

    The duo ended their monologue by announcing their retirement from late-night television, with Samberg adding, "We didn’t want Corden to get all of the action." Mulaney also managed to get in one final dig at Jimmy, saying, "Look, this is our last show, but we don’t wanna get too emotional and ruin the show by suddenly crying in the monologue. That’s Jimmy’s territory."

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