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House of Hammer Trailer Details Disturbing Allegations Against Armie Hammer

The Discovery+ docuseries will also explore the history of the Hammer family.
  • Content Warning: This post contains references to sexual assault and domestic abuse.

    Armie Hammer, the Call Me By Your Name actor who has faced numerous sexual assault allegations, is the subject of new Discovery+ docuseries, House of Hammer. The trailer, released Wednesday, includes shocking details regarding the allegations against Hammer and five generations of men in his family.

    The three-part series features in-depth interviews with two of Hammer's exes who claim they were subjected to abuse by the actor. In the trailer, Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison reveal voice, text, and direct messages that they say are from Hammer.

    The contents are disturbing and involve descriptions of bondage, branding, and Hammer's alleged fantasies of cannibalism. Vucekovich, one of the first of Hammer's alleged victims to come forward, claims she was tied up with rope around her neck, wrists, and ankles until she was "completely immobilized." Morrison alleges that Hammer once told her he wanted her to be tied up in public so strangers could sexually assault her.

    House of Hammer will also delve into Hammer's family history, with Casey Hammer, the actor's aunt and a producer on the series saying in the trailer, "When all this came out about Armie I was not shocked."

    Casey claims Hammer's behavior is "deep-rooted" and there has been a history of "dark misdeeds" and domestic violence within the family for generations. "Magnify Succession a million times and it was my family," she claims.

    House of Hammer premieres September 2 on Discovery+.

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