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Ellen Pompeo Teases a Grey's Anatomy Future Without Meredith Grey

Pompeo hopes that the show will eventually continue on without her.
  • Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy (Photo: ABC/Liliane Lathan)
    Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy (Photo: ABC/Liliane Lathan)

    Could Grey's Anatomy continue on without Ellen Pompeo? Don't rule it out.

    "We'll see," said Pompeo, when asked by Entertainment Tonight about Grey's Anatomy moving forward without her titular character, Meredith Grey.

    According to Pompeo, the show has "inspired so many generations of healthcare workers" that it would be a shame not to continue. "It's a really good piece of content and we're going to try to keep it going for the young people, not necessarily with me, but keep it going beyond me," she said.

    "Trying to reinvent the show and continually trying to reinvent the show is the challenge at this point, and listen, the show speaks to a lot of people, and the young people love the show," added the star.

    In terms of who will replace Meredith Grey, Pompeo said, "We'll find someone, maybe, or we won’t."

    Pompeo isn't going anywhere anytime soon, though, as she signed on for another season in January. Grey's Anatomy is set to air its 400th episode during the Season 18 finale, which airs Thursday at 8:00 PM ET on ABC.

    Past seasons of Grey's Anatomy are currently streaming on Netflix.

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