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Chris Cuomo Says He'll Never Be a CNN Hater, but They 'Massage' Coverage

Cuomo discussed his old employer as he kicked off his new podcast.
  • Chris Cuomo (Photo: Jason Mendez/Everett Collection)
    Chris Cuomo (Photo: Jason Mendez/Everett Collection)

    Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo launched his new podcast, "The Chris Cuomo Project," on Thursday, discussing his exit from CNN in the debut episode.

    Cuomo was fired from CNN in December after "new information that came to light about his involvement with his brother's defense," CNN said at the time. His brother, former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, resigned after multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment.

    Despite being fired, though, Chris Cuomo feels no ill will towards the network, he said on his podcast.

    "As for CNN, I will never be a hater," said Cuomo. "CNN has great people, CNN has a great purpose, and I wish them all the best, and I miss so many of the people there. But it is time for me to move on, and I believe I can be more than I was before."

    He went on to apologize to his CNN team, saying, "The people who made my show number one at CNN from the jump, and kept it there — they never get the credit they deserve. It is always about the hair and the teeth, the people on TV. I didn't get to say goodbye, and I am sorry about that. I am sorry that circumstances made it impossible to tell you face to face how each and all of you mean to me."

    After being fired from CNN, Cuomo has been calling himself a "free agent," even selling "Free Agent" merch on his website, with the slogan "Are YOU free?" On the podcast, he explained he is "free from the constraints of a traditional media organization," and he is for "those who don't fit nicely on one side or the other."

    Despite claiming not to be a "hater" — a statement that would seem to contradict his $125 million lawsuit against the network — Cuomo suggested that CNN would often "massage" coverage to pander to their audience.

    He also went on to defend his decision to help his brother. "Let me be clear: I do regret how everything ended, but I will never regret helping my family," he said. "I promised my father that I always would be there for my brother, and I always will be, just like he has always been there for me, just like my sisters have been there for me, and have been there for him. That's family."

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