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Bill Maher Has Trump to Thank for His Upcoming Fox News Debut

Maher claims Trump's rants helped get him an interview with Tucker Carlson.
  • Bill Maher and Donald Trump (Photos: Van Ham/HBO and JA/Everett Collection)
    Bill Maher and Donald Trump (Photos: Van Ham/HBO and JA/Everett Collection)

    On the Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast, Maher told host Howie Mandel that after many attempts to get on Fox News, he's finally booked an interview with Tucker Carlson, marking his debut on the network.

    Acording to Maher, he has former President Donald Trump to thank for his upcoming appearance on the right-leaning network. Maher recalled that at one of Trump's rallies in June, the former president criticized Fox News for "kissing the *ss of the enemy" by booking the liberal comedian. However, Maher had never actually been booked by Fox News.

    "He just made that up. I know — it's so unlike Donald Trump to just make something up," Maher told Mandel. "So I wanted it out there that no, I'm not f*cking booked on Fox News."

    At the time, Maher replied to Trump's rants about the false Fox News booking on Twitter, saying, "[Trump] must have been 'accidentally' watching Real Time again. I know of no booking I have on Fox, but I've made clear I'd love to come on with Hannity or Carlson, but they back out when I balk at 'only talking about the things we agree on.'"

    Maher told Mandel he had previously been asked to appear on Fox News, but declined when the network wanted to limit the discussion to certain topics. "I'm like, no. What sort of stupid way is that to have an interview?" he said. "No, we'll talk about everything. Yes. There are some things we will agree about."

    "There's a reason why Fox News puts me on their website and that's what drives Trump crazy is because I'm not afraid to go after the left when they're wrong and they're wrong a lot these days. But I have perspective about who's more crazy.”

    As for Trump's false complaints about Maher being on Fox News, the Real Time host said, "Now because of that and because I tweeted about it now I am booked on Fox News. Now we are negotiating and I'm gonna do Tucker Carlson."

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