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A Bitcoin Doc, Michelle Yeoh, and More Love Is Blind Are Coming to Netflix in January 2024

Plus: A pair of stylish British dramas and a comedy special with some racy subject matter directed by Natasha Lyonne.
  • Ray Trapani in Bitconned (Photo: Netflix)
    Ray Trapani in Bitconned (Photo: Netflix)

    It may still be the holiday season for us mere mortals, but TV programmers have moved on to preview season, promoting their 2024 series that have wrapped filming and those that just keep adding to their ridiculously stacked casts.

    We’ll have more on the most anticipated shows of 2024 soon, as well as the shows that are ending next year (farewell, Curb Your Enthusiasm). For now, Netflix is debuting enough new shows at the start of the year to keep you busy and indoors (which you’ll be much more grateful for if you live in a cold climate like us). Along with all six seasons of NBC’s emeritus tearjerker This Is Us, the streamer’s lined up another action-packed series starring Michelle Yeoh, a British mystery that could be January’s Who Is Erin Carter?-like breakout, and a true-crime documentary on three men who Bitconned the public.

    Bitconned, premieres January 1

    At least once a year, Netflix releases a documentary that seems engineered to raise subscribers’ blood pressure. The Tinder Swindler and Bad Vegan claimed that “honor” at various points in recent years, and now, thanks to Ray Trapani’s grinning face (as seen in our header) and overall smugness about playing a key role in one of the first cryptocurrency scams, Bitconned looks poised to follow in their footsteps.

    Fool Me Once, premieres January 1

    Is Richard Armitage pulling a fast one on another brunette? In Fool Me Once, the Ocean’s 8 star plays a devoted husband who is gunned down one dark night, only to start popping up on nanny cam footage. His wife Maya (Michelle Keegan) tries to get to the bottom of his death — or is it merely a disappearance? — while butting heads with her mother-in-law, played by Absolutely Fabulous’ Joanna Lumley.

    The series is based on the novel of the same name by Harlan Coben, who is slowly taking over Netflix. But Fool Me Once’s mix of domestic drama and mystery are reminiscent of recent breakouts Who Is Erin Carter? and Behind Her Eyes.

    The Brothers Sun, premieres January 4

    As demonstrated in Star Trek: Discovery, American Born Chinese, and now The Brothers Sun, Michelle Yeoh needs to be on our TV screens at least once a year.

    Champion, premieres January 4

    Candice Carty-Williams, the 2020 British Book Award winner for Queenie, weaves an intoxicating tale of a family brought together and torn apart by an abundance of talent. When Bosco (Malcolm Kamulete) returns home after being incarcerated, he relies on his sister Vita (Déja J. Bowens) to make his way back into the rap game. She dutifully assists him, but Vita’s own light won’t be dimmed for long. Sibling rivalry never looked so good, or compelling — not since Succession ended, at least.

    Love Is Blind: Sweden, premieres January 12

    If your patience is running low for original recipe Love Is Blind, you might just need a change in locale. At least, that’s what Netflix is hoping as its reality TV juggernaut branches out to Sweden.

    Jacqueline Novak: Get on Your Knees, premieres January 23

    As Jacqueline Novak has made clear very since launching her Off-Broadway show, Get on Your Knees is not about prayer. The writer-comedian’s honed the show over the last few years, touring nationally and working with directors John Early and now Natasha Lyonne. Find out why this “word-of-mouth sensation” made John Mulaney say he’d “seen the Muhammad Ali of comedy.”

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