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The Punisher showrunner: “In terms of our depiction of violence, the show is pretty realistic”

  • “I sort of feel like that's the right thing,” says executive producer Steve Lightfoot. “I worry about a show where someone gets whacked on the head with something and there isn't a mark on them, and they jump right back up. What was important to me is that if you were going to show violence, you had to show the emotional cost of it as well. As much as Frank goes out and does these things, I don't think we're condoning it all of the time. There's a massive emotional cost to him. He's not a remotely happy guy. In terms of the debate politically, I'm not a politician, but I feel the show actually sort of offers a lot of facets of the debate and asks questions, and it's up to the people to decide what their answers are. It's not the show's place to preach, but we can offer up questions, and people can decide for themselves.”

    TOPICS: Netflix, Marvel's The Punisher, Steve Lightfoot, Gun Violence