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Ted Lasso co-creator Bill Lawrence defends the show after a Daily Show called Season 2 "not good"

  • "A lot of people still aren't ready to admit it but it's clear that season 2 of Ted Lasso is not good, certainly not as good as S1," tweeted Daily Show writer Daniel Radosh on Sunday in a lengthy Twitter thread. "And I think the reason is everyone completely misunderstands why everyone loved S1." He added: "Shockingly S2 even tries to retcon away some of the magic of S1. Rebecca's transformation from conniving bitch was the heart of S1, but now we're told, Don't worry she was always a secretly nice person who gave Christmas gifs to poor kids every year. So what was the point? Ted Lasso is still entertaining and has some good laughs, and maybe S2 still has time to redeem itself on the big picture, but right now it might be the steepest decline from S1 to S2 in TV history." Lawrence responded: "Daniel. That thread. Oof. Must feel a lot like when Daily Show switched from Jon to Trevor and all the haters went nuts without giving it a minute. (I’m actually a big fan of both). Our entire first season was 8 weeks long. We have 7 weeks left…I feel like we’ve set up a lot. Maybe you’ll dig where it goes. Maybe not. And look, I watch tv the same way. This just stung more than usual. Not sure why, yet. I’m usually Teflon. Still, no biggie. I just now feel you’re obligated to watch and report back either way. TV!!"

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