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Ruby Rose is the victim of a "left-wing harassment campaign" over her Batwoman casting

  • "Shockingly, the predictable backlash to Ruby Rose’s recently announced casting appears to actually be coming from inside the house—from fans who seem to love the idea of an out actress playing Kate Kane, but want more from their trailblazing lesbian superhero," explains Amy Zimmerman of casting the lesbian Rose in the The CW role. She adds: "Recurring sentiments appear to be that Batwoman should be played by a Jewish lesbian, and that the role would have been a great opportunity to elevate new talent. Sample tweets include, 'Ruby is great... But she is not the only queer actress out there' and 'JEWISH LESBIAN CHARACTER SHOULD BE PLAYED BY A JEWISH LESBIAN." Zimmerman points out that users of the #RecastBatwoman hashtag on Twitter have rallied around another actress, Ashley Platz, whose Batwoman audition tape has been widely circulated.

    TOPICS: The CW, Batwoman, Ruby Rose, Jews and TV, LGBTQ