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Rob Corddry talks about Ballers and his Childrens Hospital spinoff

  • Corddry expected Ballers to be a hit all because of The Rock. “He’s a recipe for success, if nothing else,” he says. As for his Childrens Hospital spinoff, he says, “It’s everything that Childrens Hospital was in terms of comedic tone, but everything it wasn’t in terms of everything else. Where Childrens Hospital almost shunned continuity as a running joke, this show will be a season-long serial narrative. And where it all took place in a children’s hospital, this is going to be kind of a global thriller from country to country.” PLUS: How Ballers makes L.A. look like Miami.

    TOPICS: Adult Swim, Ballers, Childrens Hospital, Dwayne Johnson, Rob Corddry