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Narcos is moving to Mexico City with Michael Peña and Diego Luna for Season 4, as it begins phasing out Pedro Pascal

  • The move from Colombia to Mexico City will signal the end of the story for leading man Pascal’s Javier Pena. "The origins of the Guadalajara cartel are in the late 1970s and early 1980s, so Narcos is going back in time," explains showrunner Eric Newman. In addition to announcing the new leads, Netflix revealed a new version of the theme song. Newman also discussed the death of scouting location manager Carlos Muñoz Portal in Mexico earlier this year. “It was a terrible tragedy for all of us,” he said. “There were obviously several ramifications. First, the emotional toll of losing a member of the team, particularly one as well-liked and respected as Carlos, weighs very heavy. We had just started pre-production when it happened and so it was a rude awakening and ominous beginning for the dozens of crew who had begun the process of relocating the show. It rattled a lot of people, frankly.”

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