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Meghan McCain: SNL mockery left me depressed

  • In an interview with Rolling Stone promoting her new memoir, McCain was asked why people have a princess impression of her. "I’m very aware of this, like, spoiled, entitled queen of nepotism persona that is out there," she said. "Some of it I think is, I didn’t always react my best on air on The View. To my defense, neither did anyone else, everybody’s just watching me react badly the most and making the most of it. I think partly Saturday Night Live parodies have this way of becoming reality. I’ve seen it so many times with Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton. The stereotypes of who you are become true. Bush being an idiot. I still think Alex Trebek is someone who celebrities hated. Sometimes the parody is the person, and I think that probably played a factor, too. People really loved it when SNL dunked on me, and it was not flattering or kind. And, by the way, they were pretty nice to the rest of the (View) cast, just not great to me. I feel like I have a pretty healthy sense of humor. But I think if people knew what it has done to me mentally, emotionally, the toll it’s taken on me, the depression that has followed … just the dark spirals. I felt like for a while that I was just the laughing stock of the country. And it’s not true or fair or accurate, but when you’re your worst critic in your head, it’s very hard."

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