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Larry David and his Curb Your Enthusiasm showrunner have been coming up with pandemic-themed ideas via FaceTime

  • "We've been doing a lot of FaceTiming, Larry and I. We're still in the talking about talking-about-it stage," says Curb executive producer Jeff Schaffer. "Between every season, we have to replenish. Luckily, detailing the social shortcomings of the Westside Angelenos is pretty much an evergreen business. The one spanner in the works right now is that usually in between seasons, we go out into the world and embarrass ourselves or chronicle terrible people. But right now, we're all just stuck at home. So that's a little disappointing. But I will say we both discovered that we have very deep reservoirs of stories of us making fools of ourselves." He adds: "They almost all start out the same way. 'Hey, how are you doing?' 'I gotta plug in.' And then there's literally, like, five or ten minutes spent complaining about how outlets need to be at shoulder height. And how we can't just be forced to root around behind our couch like truffle pigs just to plug something in. So we go through all of that, and then we're plugged in, and then the daily complaints start about whatever has been going on at our houses (laughs), and then finally we sign into work. Although sometimes those daily complaints lead right into a new story."

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