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Jeff Probst: Survivor jury members hugging me "was the most personal and powerful moment I’ve ever had" on the show

  • "In terms of expressing how I personally feel about Survivor players, the loved one gesture comes the closest to expressing my truth," he says. "I am in awe and forever indebted to everyone who has ever played the game. But that is not always clear. Over the course of the 39 days, things can get emotional between me and the players. There are perceived power imbalances in our roles, some players feel more or less liked by me, the list is long. By the time a season is finished, I often feel the players see me more as an adversary than an ally. And I understand that perception, as they are fighting every single day to stay alive and I am often seen as one more annoying obstacle. But that’s not how I see them. I see them as examples of what is possible if you’re willing to risk. I see them as teachers if you’re willing to listen. I see them as humans who are seeking something, and Survivor is the experience they have chosen to find it. So, to finally get to your question… the moment when the jury came over and hugged me was the most personal and powerful moment I’ve ever had with a group of players. It moves me to this day, because it best represents the exchange of energy I always seek."

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