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Jane Lynch thinks Glee's Sue Sylvester would be too controversial for 2022

  • “I think there would have been people out there who would have wanted to cancel Sue Sylvester,” says Lynch of her character, which she last portrayed in 2015, who was known for her racist and fat-shaming comments. “I don’t know that we could have done that show today, and it was only like … We started that 10 years ago.” Does she think comedy writers are second-guessing how their material will be perceived? “I think so,” she says. “There’s kind of a rabid anonymous group of folks who can really change somebody’s life; they could take away their career. Some of it is about time – some of these people have got called on their stuff [from the past]. But I think we get carried away. This preoccupation with going ‘Aha!’, that’s a drag. Hopefully we’ll get over that soon. I was just thinking this morning about something that we did in Chicago called the Co-Ed Prison Sluts (it became one of Chicago’s longest-running fringe musicals). It was not politically correct; it would not go over well today.”

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