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Invincible's gore is a reminder that superhero fights often gloss over the violence

  • "When it comes to violence and gore, I think that having a narrative purpose makes it more effective than just being gore porn, and while, in many ways, Invincible crosses that line often, when I actually thought about it, the violence is reflective of the actual carnage that superhero series so often gloss over," says Princess Weekes. "I grew up watching Justice League, and there were countless battles in that series—Superman flying through buildings, battles that would bleed into the streets, and superpowered beings attacking each other with murderous intent. While there would be injuries and maybe even a singly bloody trickle on their jawline, the cartoons were made for children. They were never going to highlight the true brutality this would do to their bodies. Even in The CW’s DC TV shows, where people do die and terrible things happen to people, the violence is watered down and brushed aside as much as possible. People recover from what should be long-term injuries within a few weeks. Mind you, that is not a criticism, but just like one of my biggest issues with PG-13 films is that they turn violence into a bloodless enterprise, when you remove the physics and pain from these fights, you focus on the characters as icons. You need your symbol to remain unscathed. That is not the case in Invincible."


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