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Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies have provided much-needed escapism this particular holiday season

  • “We would typically be the first person to mock the idea of the Hallmark Channel,” says Monica Hesse, “but there is something specific about this December: It’s crap. The news stinks, current events stink — turning on the television, in general, stinks. Another beloved icon revealed to be a sexual predator? Nope — let’s watch Hallmark.” The annual “Countdown to Christmas” has provided essential escapism,  especially with a total of 33 new movies this year that are made year-round on a modest budget of a few million dollars. “But this, after all, is the point of Hallmark: it can blend together so seamlessly, and a few hours after turning off the TV, you might have no idea what you just watched,” says Hesse. “Escapist television is a well-known commodity, but by God do we need it this year. Lobotomy television, even.”

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